Problematic use of alcohol (also known as Alcoholism) is characterized as the obsession to get and consume alcohol and is driven by the compulsion to continue consuming alcohol no matter what the consequences. Alcoholism is a progressive and incurable disease of the mind and body and if left untreated can result in death or institutionalization.

If your loved one is impacted by alcoholism, characteristics you might see include being secretive, negative physical and emotional changes, financial problems, and more and more time and energy being put into activities that center around alcohol.

Alcoholism Questionnaire

The below questionnaire can help you or your loved one determine if their drug use is problematic. While it is not an exhaustive list and your loved one might not exhibit all of the behaviors listed in the questionnaire, exhibiting even a few can be the first signs of a problem and that it is time to get them some help.

Answer the following questions with a yes or ‘no answer.

  1. Can you get through the day, week or month without drinking?
  2. Have you had blackouts or flashbacks as a result of your drinking?
  3. Have you ever felt guilty about your drinking?
  4. Do you use alcohol to deal with feelings, stress or boredom?
  5. Has anyone in your life ever criticized or shown concern about your drinking?
  6. Has your drinking ever caused you to miss school, work or important life events?
  7. Do you get into conflict and/or violent situations with others when under the influence of alcohol?
  8. Have you ever experienced withdrawal when you tried to stop drinking?
  9. Do you try to limit your drinking to certain days, times or events?
  10. Have you ever tried to stop using drinking and been unsuccessful?
  11. Have you ever stolen or borrowed money in order to buy alcohol?
  12. Have you tried to hide the signs of your drinking from the people in your life?
  13. Has your family member ever sought help for problems with drinking?
  14. Have you ever been hospitalized for alcohol related issues?

If you answered Yes to 1 or more of the above questions you may be experiencing a problem with alcoholism.