What is Addiction?

Addiction Simplified

What is addictionPeople with an addiction do not have control over what they are doing, taking or using.

Their addiction may reach a point at which it is harmful. Addictions do not only include physical things we consume, such as drugs or alcohol, but may include virtually anything, such as things like gambling. In other words, addiction may refer to a substance dependence (e.g. drug addiction, alcoholism) or behavioral addiction (e.g. gambling addiction, internet / video game addiction).

Addiction Is A Disease

Addiction is a disease and those who are addicts are in desperate need of help. Without help they cannot and will not stop until the substance or behavior completely destroys their lives and/or kills them. There is hope however.

A professional intervention carried out by friends, family and one of our intervention specialists will open the door to recovery and spare much suffering for all involved. If your loved one has an addiction problem, and you would like to discuss how Ware Interventions can help, contact us today.