Family Intervention

Family Intervention Services

Famly InterventionsIt’s impossible to watch a loved one suffer from addiction. We remember that they weren’t always suffering, and we think that if we can just help them, just reach them, that they can overcome their addiction. That they can find their way back.

It’s when we try to help, when we reach out to them, only to find our help rejected, that we find ourselves frustrated, in pain, smothered with feelings of loss, and hopelessness.

In most cases, addicts are unaware of just how much control a substance or behavior has over them. When confronted with their behaviour, they’re defensive, often hurtful and angry.

This is the disease of addiction, and it’s an extremely difficult situation for friends and family who are forced to sit by and watch an addict destroy themselves, and the lives of the people around them.

We understand what they’re going through. Both the families, and the addicts. Todd Ware has 17 years into his own recovery, and he’s helped hundreds of individuals find their way out of addiction, and build better, sober, productive lives.

We can help you too.