Drug and Alcohol Intervention

Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services

Drug and Alcohol InterventionThe truth about those addicted to drugs and alcohol, they’re dying of a chronic, progressive, incurable, and, if left untreated, fatal disease. Addicts are sick. They need help. Help to overcome their behaviour. Help to see the reality of what’s happening to them, and the people around them.

Professional interventions are designed to smash through the addict’s defense mechanisms, and help them see the reality of their addiction, to help them appreciate, and understand the damage their behaviour has caused to the people around them. Interventions are the most effective way of breaking through, of helping addicts recognize the consequences of their behaviour.

Drug and Alcohol Intervention Programs

The Process

Intervention is a process that is 98% successful in confronting (with love and compassion), the alcohol or drug dependent individual on the severity of their disease. Family intervention involves members, who exert an influence on the individual’s life. A certified interventionist will gather together and present facts and data related to the chemically dependent’s problem and consequences. Professional drug interventions are designed to smash through the dependent’s rigid denial defense mechanisms and break through to reality.

The Reality

The reality- that they are dying of a disease that is chronic, progressive, fatal, incurable, and, if left untreated, can result in premature death.