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Intervention SeattleIntervention Seattle services can help save the life of your loved one.

Would an intervention benefit someone you know and love?

Ware Interventions is based in Vancouver, BC and offers intervention services throughout Canada and the United States, including Seattle.

The founder of Ware Interventions, Todd Ware is an intervention specialist. He has worked with a large number of individuals and families, providing guidance along the way on the road to recovery. By those he has worked with, Todd is described as a trustworthy and experienced.

Our professional team understands that all individuals are different and the treatment facility that works for one person may not be suitable for another. For this reason, we specialize in finding the best facility for your loved one.

We will work with both the individual and family to ensure that the best suited facility is selected. To us, this is the vital step in ensuring a successful road to recovery.

Addiction Treatment in Seattle

Getting a loved one into a treatment centre can often be a slow process.

For a great length of time, the alcoholic or addict’s family is often subject to difficult behaviour on a daily basis. Those closest to the alcoholic or addict are often subject to great struggles before the individual is ready to make a change in their life.

The situation is often intensified when children and spouses are involved. In these cases, children and spouses are often bearing witness to the pain and struggle that come along with the addict’s lifestyle on a daily basis.

For many families the struggle of dealing with an addiction of a loved one is all too real. In many cases, the family is left with no choice but to perform an intervention before their loved one overdoses or becomes incarcerated.

Intervention Seattle will enable the family, along with a qualified mediator, to approach the alcoholic or addict in a group environment. The goal of the intervention is to help the addict realize they are in need of serious help.

An intervention is a structured process. Trained professionals specialize in organizing and initiating the intervention. Their expertise and experience often make the difference in the success of an intervention.

The support of a professional intervention mediator allows the family to express their feelings toward the addict in a manner that is not viewed as harsh or confrontational by the individual.

To ensure the success of an intervention, it is important to ensure that the tone of the process is firm but also that it comes from the heart with love.

The intervention professionals from Ware Interventions will coordinate tactics with you and your family in the most effective and efficient manner possible. This process will help increase the likelihood of success.

Intervention Seattle Leads to Treatment Centres

The goal of an intervention is to get an alcoholic or addict into treatment.

A successful intervention is only the first step in the long process of recovery. A professional intervention is often the most affordable and quickest step on the road to recovery for your loved one. Utilizing Seattle intervention services, such as those offered by Ware Interventions can make the difference in the success of the recovery process of your loved one.

An effective intervention considerably increases the likelihood that the addict will willingly go to a treatment facility.

Addicts often have emotions that fluctuate wildly at a moment’s notice. Proper management of the situation can make the difference between total acceptance of the intervention or angry refusal. An intervention specialist, like Todd Ware from Ware Interventions, is trained to deal with situations in which the addict becomes angry or even violent.

As a result of their experience and third party perspective, the intervention specialist is able to keep an open mind. They understand that this behavior is the nature of the addict’s illness. Whatever the reaction, an intervention specialist is trained and can handle the extremes as well as all the variations in-between.

If your loved one would benefit from a Seattle Intervention, call Ware Interventions now for a free drug intervention consultation (778) 837-8801.

Help your loved one take the first step and begin the addiction recovery process today.