We are pleased to announce a family and friends education series with long-time interventionist and addiction expert, Todd Ware.

This will be a five-week intensive program suited for families and friends who have loved ones struggling with addictions.


The sessions will run on consecutive Tuesdays starting November 12.

  1. Session 1 – November 12
    • The truth about addiction.
      • Understanding and identifying what your loved one is really up to.
  2. Session 2 – November 19
    • Family systems: how to connect the dots.
  3. Session 3 – November 26
    • Understanding/deconstructing Codependency.
      • How to not become part of the problem.
  4. Session 4 – December 3
    • Finding treatment/recovery and support.
      • Where do I go and how do I get there?
  5.  Session 5 – December 10
    • What is recovery?
      • How do I support their ongoing recovery/change.

For more information on location and pricing, please email:

You may also text or call 778-837-8801.

“Many times families find themselves stuck, what we do is help them get moving again” – Todd