Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services in Canada

Canada InterventionsCanada interventions save lives.

We offer drug and alcohol intervention services across Canada. With a long-standing reputation of integrity and constancy, we have worked with many families like yours and helped them and their loved ones get their lives back on track.

Our proven strategies have allowed us to become well known in the rehabilitation community in Vancouver and throughout Canada.

Ware Interventions founder, Todd Ware, has worked with many families conducting Canada Interventions and is described as effective and trustworthy. With many years of experience in the recovery and intervention industries, Todd specializes in working with each family and helping them find the best facility for their loved one. This is a crucial step in the recovery process.

Facilitating many successful interventions over the years comes from our experience. We are based in Vancouver, BC, which is known as one of the top cities for drug and alcohol rehabilitation and recovery. As one of the most trusted interventionists in Vancouver, you can be sure that the service you receive will be unparalleled.

Would your loved one benefit from an intervention?

If you answered yes, there is no need to settle for anything but the best. Contact an experienced and trusted interventionist like Todd Ware to help make a positive difference in the life of your loved one.

Addiction Treatment in Canada

Often times, getting your loved one into a treatment centre is a difficult task.

The process is slow and can subject the family of the addict to difficult behaviour for a long period of time before the addict is ready for a positive change in their life.

The gravity of the situation is often aggravated if children and spouses are involved. These individuals are often witnessing the pain and struggle that comes along with the addict’s lifestyle on a daily basis.

When the behaviour of an addict is severe, their loved ones are left with no choice but to perform an intervention before they overdose or become incarcerated.

The intervention is a structured process and is often facilitated by a professional intervention mediator. The process enables the family along with the interventionist to approach the addict in a group environment.

By working with a professional interventionist, a family eliminates the risk of expressing their feelings towards the addict in a manner that can be viewed as harsh or confrontational by the addict.

A successful intervention involves being firm but ensuring that the addict knows it comes from the heart with love. We have worked with many families and facilitated many Canada interventions. Let us help you get your loved one’s life back on track.

Canada Interventions Lead to Treatment Centres

The purpose of an intervention is to get the addict or alcoholic into treatment. A successful intervention is only the first step in the long recovery process; however, it can be the quickest and most affordable step as well. Using Canada interventions services like those from Ware interventions can make or break this process.

The likelihood of an addict willingly going to treatment is significantly increased with an effective intervention.

Intervention specialists are trained in dealing with difficult intervention situations such as the addict becoming violent or angry. In these situations, its important to remember that this is the nature of the illness and that proper management can make a difference between total acceptance of the intervention or an angry refusal.

Ware Interventions offers a free intervention consultation. Get in touch with us today and start the recovery process for your loved one. Call (778) 837-8801.